Improve your home, Improve your life. The dwellings we live in are an extension of us, they reflect our tastes and who we are as a person. It does not matter whether you own a one bedroom flat, or a twenty bedroom mansion, the principal is still the same. We all have dreams of the perfect home, or the perfect interior.  These are generated by TV, magazines and the web, but turning those dreams into reality can be difficult. At Improve we want to give you the best advice from industry experts to help guide you in the right direction, and we also provide you with the people who can create your vision. Sign up to our digital magazine and be inspired.

The great and the good from the world of interiors and architecture

We would all like to have a top designer or architect create the perfect home for us, now you can view a select few from the world of interior design and architecture, as they share their ideas and designs.

The readers and followers of Improve magazine share their own projects
Gain inspiration from fellow readers of Improve Magazine. If you have a project on the go, or finished, why not share it on our dedecated Facebook page "Improvers". We will also include the best in the magazine and on the website, so get Improving.

What does your front door say about you? 

When it comes to kerb appeal, its all about the first 
impression. So forget your beautifully decorated interiors, because it could well be the colour of your front door that reveals most about you... Not forgetting, keeping your home secure. 


Your choice of interior reflects your personality.

Whether it's a contemporary or more of a traditional style, the interior design of your home says a lot about you. Making the right choice is important to reflect the mood of each room.

Architects have used steel windows for decades.

Their graceful elegance can be incorporated into a traditional building or the latest contemporary architectural designs. Minimalist aesthetics of steel are achieved due to its incredible strength – it’s three times stronger than aluminium.  

The buzz word of doors, what's not to like? 

With the help of so many home improvement programs, bi-fold doors are more popular now, than ever. But how do you choose, and what do you look for? Open up your room and open up your mind with our advice columns and feature articles.

Already discounted curtains for your new windows? 

 When adding the finishing touches to your windows, there are so many blinds or shutters, to choose from. We bring you tips and advice on how to choose.

Undoubtedly a British staple when it comes to choice of extension.

Whether its a glass roof with bi-folding doors, or a solid roof with skylights, we bring you an option that will suit your home and your budget.

Transform a family room or use in conjunction with solid roofing.

Add space and light to any room! Draw extra light into a bathroom without compromising on privacy, or illuminate enclosed spaces such as dark hallways, the
possibilities really are endless!

The home improvements market is showing no evidence of slowing down.

As we look to invest in our homes, with sizeable improvements such as extensions and conservatories, access to reliable help and advice is essential.

How to ensure you choose a roof which meets industry standards, along with a qualified installer.

A solid roof can literally transform your conservatory, and is also a great choice for a new extension. Don’t be caught out though! Avoid common pitfalls such as cladovers. Our informative guide will have you genned up and in the know, in no time!

Enjoy your garden all year round! 

We love our gardens! Unfortunately the British climate often dictates otherwise, meaning less time outdoors. A garden room can open up lots of opportunities to enjoy your garden. 

Feeling secure in our homes is one the most important factors for UK homeowners.

There are many simple measures we can take to ensure our homes are secure – locking windows & doors at night is one of them! 

Finding the right architect can mean a seamless process or a build from hell.

We offer advice on how to choose the right architect for you. This section also provides you with advice such as planning permission requirements.

Older buildings that aren’t listed are often in conservation areas or national parks.

That means your home has special protections. If you are proposing an extension to a period property, chances are you will need planning permission.  Finding the right products for you, is right here!


Don’t just think windows! The architectural glazing opportunities available in today’s marketplace are vast. Think glass walls, sliding doors, walk on glass, glass walkways and glass box extensions. Think out of the box.

Adding a balcony to a bedroom can make a huge difference!

The balustrades you choose for the balcony need to be in keeping with the property. We showcase a number of companies who provide stone, composite or glass balustrades, for every different type of property.  

A thoughtfully designed skin or facade, can make a new building beautiful.

It can also transform an existing building and give your home a unique, enticing frontage.


Timber windows and doors bring beauty and warmth to properties.

If you are considering replacing windows & doors in a conservation area or within a listed building, we recommend you speak with one of the specialists, within this section.


Windows and glazing is a fundamental part of every home.

Windows and glazing is integral to every home, so if you are interested in replacing your windows make sure to view this section and speak to one of our featured specialists.

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